As the Artistic Director of the International Hauser Guitar Seminar Reisbach, I invite you to join us again this year. 

The International Hauser Guitar Seminar Reisbach is the second oldest Seminar in Europe, held in Reisbach, founded in 1968 by Hermann Hauser II, this year will be from July 29th till August 4th.

Lily Afshar


Concerts, lectures and masterclasses are offered.

This year our Guest Artist is Lily Afshar who will perform in Friedhofskirche Landau, a solo recital in August 1st, at 20 hours, with whom I will join her to play a Bach English Suite Duet. 
Ms. Afshar will offer two days of masterclasses the 2nd and 3rd of August as well. 

Our current Professor and Performer Aliosha De Santis will offer us a recital July 30th in Bruckstadel Dingolfing at 20 hours plus masterclasses from the 29th until August 4th. 

Myself, Virginia Luque, will be performing in Friedhofskirche Landau, August 3rd at 20 hours, offering masterclasses from July 29th until August 4th.

As a closing event Seminar, the students will participate as soloists and our Guitar orchestra in a concert at the Haus der Bürger in August 4th at 19 hours.

I guarantee a great deal of guitar music, an eye opener for students, and a closer meeting to the members of our Seminar, included the Hauser family

Virginia Luque
Artistic Director
Guitar Seminar Reisbach

(Sponsor: IHGS Reisbach)